Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I do understand that there are some errors in the last blog... If I knew how to fix them I would. Sorry.. ha ha!! ~Rebecca

God is Faithful

I am sure you are somewhat like me and sometimes question "What in the world am I doing?". You think am I even doing what it is that God wants me to be doing? Yes, I think this, and hope I am not the only one. I am in school, being a wife, and living in the ridiculous thing we call the world. I feel sometimes "Woe is me". But, NO! Sometimes I feel I need more because of what I do and every good grade I make should get me something. But what I have to continuously remind myself is that instead of giving to myself, that I am to be giving to the One that gave me the ability to accomplish every task. Sometimes life gets really hard and it would be much easier to give up, but when we wait upon the name of the Lord, our strength shall be renewed. So when you are feeling down and out, just wait for Jesus, He is there and is waiting for the right moment to jump in and help out. Sometimes He is waiting for us to stop trying to figure everything out on our own, and have some patience for His perfect timing. I want answers to where we will be living, I want God to give Dusty a clear picture of what it is he is supposed to be doing in life, I want to live in Africa!! But, for now I have to ask, "God help me be all that I can be right now at this moment and in this place in which you have me." -This is hard for me sometimes because I don't have a lot of patience. God, if FAITHFUL... Did you read that? GOD IS FAITHFUL. I believe in due time HE will give me what I ask. He will show us where to live, He will show Dusty what He wants him to do, He may even have plans for us to move to Africa (and if not, it's okay because God needs us where we are). Whatever you may be questioning today, please remember that God will never leave you nor forsake you. It may seem as though you are not getting an answer, you are it may just be... Wait!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Questionable Times... Meaningful Times

Sometimes in life we go through situations thinking, "Why is God putting me through this?", then one day out of the blue we get a better picture of why we went through that situation. Maybe the picture for you does not happen for weeks, months, or maybe even years. But that day will come. God will reveil Himself to you. I finally got a picture of some things God has put me through. When I was a freshman in college my grandmother got sick, my friends dad committed suicide, and I fell in love. THEN the summer after my freshman year (Summer 2006) I moved home to Tennessee and lived the summer with my grandparents. Little did I know at that time that God had that plan already laid out for me. You see in November that year (2006) my grandmother passed away. I had no regrets, I did exactly what God wanted me to do. I wanted to know why God took her and not me. I wanted to know why God thought I would be able to survive without her with me. I was sadden for a long time after her death. But in October last year I gave it to God. And ever since, God has shown himself to me daily. April this year, another friend of ours was taken away after a horrible plane crash on the base here in Columbus. I questioned why God would take Blair away and leave his beautiful wife with two kids at 7months and 2 years. But through being given the opportunity to spend every day with Rachel, Davis, and Campbell and watch the way Rachel has been responding to the loss of Blair and I have witnessed exactly what a Christian should look like. She responds postively to Christ everyday. I was also diagnosed with Graves disease to find out about a month later that it was misdiagnosed. I am now being treated with migranes. But, God is Faithful! Okay, so I say ALL of that to say... Just last night Dusty and I were given a chance to witness to a really close friend and all of the situations I have experienced these past 3 years, God allowed me to use each one of those to respond in a positive way to our friend. God really showed me for the first time why he gave me the "opportunity" to experience everything that I have. Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful life. ~Rebecca

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First blog...

Well, this is our first attempt at a blog...

We haven't quit running around since I got off work. We cooked dinner (baked salmon, broccoli and rice...Becca has me on a diet :-/ ), we walked around our neighborhood 6 times (3 miles) and started to clean our house until both of us decided to quit :). So here we are... sitting at the computer, wondering what to type about.

Guess we will end it here, hope everyone is having a great evening! God bless!!

-The Wise's



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