Friday, January 23, 2009

Davis and Campbell... a day in the mud!

I wanted to share some updated pictures of Davis and Campbell. So here they are! Enjoy!
Davis' first mud pie!!! This was so much fun! We had to do this while mom was away.. HA!

Gotta mix the dirt and mud together....

Adding the water...

My two angels playing in the tree house like thingy.

Campbell has loved swinging for a while, but now that she can walk if Davis isn't swinging she does not want to be swinging. She is all about keeping up with her big brother.

Now, those hands and feet are something to be proud of... This is when Rachel would be freaking out. I love it. We had the biggest time with getting dirty. ALL BOY!!

Hands and Feet of a CHAMP!!!! I have so much fun with both Davis and Campbell, and I suppose Rachel is great too. No, really Rachel is awesome. I love all three of them so much. Just wanted to share a day in our life with the rest of you!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Joys and Pains of life

Sometimes in life, it is like we are over looked. But be certain that God never over looks you. I say that because I needed to be reminded of that myself. I see so many people all around me getting what they want and some people getting some good things that they did not ask for. So why is it that a select few are left behind? It's called God's perfect timing. It is hard to sit back and let time tick right on by but that is what I am called to do right at this point. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a good time welcoming the New Year. I pray this year brings you more than you could ever ask for or imagine!!



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