Saturday, October 25, 2008


Life lately has been wonderful! God is always so amazing but really HE has been showing himself to me more lately (really my eyes are just more open). These are some pictures from this past summer!

This picture is how Dusty and I feel most of the time! Ha
My wonderful Aunt Leigh
My oh so sweet baby girl (Campbell)
God's wonderful design!
Me and the best male that God has ever created!
My lovely family except my sister:(

Two of my most favorite little men... Parker Casano and Davis Faulkner

If I have not told you I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kitchen Pictures!!!!

A new microwave!!

It took a while for Laney to open her eyes
Al so excited!
The whole gang, except Angie Reeves, that helped with the remodeling
Laney so surprised and crying
The table has chairs that look great, but they were not complete when this picture was taken.
The hutch
A tile back splash for sink, and tin around the rest.

THE Kitchen

Well, PRAISE THE LORD!!!! THE KITCHEN IS DONE!!! We finished it just as Al and Laney were pulling into the subdivision. It looks amazing but what was more amazing than that is the fact that Laney and Al BOTH were so excited and liked it so much that they BOTH cried! It was so sweet. There is no other couple that is so deserving as these two are. They do so much for so many people and never ask anything in return. It took forever for Laney to open her eyes, she was so nervous about how it turned out. She thought we were going to do black cabinets with green walls. It was so fun to watch thier reactions. You too can watch the video by going to and in the search bar type in Al and Laney's Kitchen. Watch it and I hope that it brings a smile to your face!
We love you!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where in the World did September?

So September went by really fast, I sorta feel as though it never happened. We are so busy with every new and exciting thing that is going on around here. The first of the month we visited Tennessee and had a Hudson Family reunion at my grandpa's house. He was so excited to have all of us together that he cried. It was such a blessing to be together.

We have also been busy trying to get yard sale items together for next weekend to raise money for our mission trip. God is so good, and has blessed us with so many nice things to sell. Please keep praying that they will sell!

On top of yard sale stuff, we are totally in the process of redoing Al and Laney's (Dusty's Parents) kitchen. They are out of town and have no clue as to what we are doing. It is so great! We are loving it. We have had several friends come over to help. Thanks to Patrick, Leslie, Megan, Jenna, Richard, Mac, Angie, and whoever else has come over. They will be so pleased with the end result. (If we can hurry and get it done before they get home! haha)

Another thing that we have started is Bible study on Tuesday nights! We LOVE it! Dusty is in one called Bromance, which I believe is the quest for authentic man-hood. I have started "The 66 club" which is studying the whole Bible, hints the 66 for the 66 books in the Bible. I have also taken on the responsibility of teaching the senior high girls Bible study at our church. I am so excited about being asked to do this! This coming Sunday will be my first night, I just pray that these girls really see my heart and not the outward, worldly Rebecca. Dusty is still loving teaching his boys, and they are loving him. I feel as though they are our kids! We just love being around them.

School is going good for me, I am so thankful that it is not extremely busy right now. Fall break is next Monday and Tuesday! Lord knows I need a break!

Another exciting thing in my life is being able to spend my week with Rachel, Davis, and Campbell! They are a highlight of my week. Truely love them from the bottom of my heart! Campbell is changing so much and is oh so ready to walk. I just know it will be any day now. Davis has been so sweet lately and so loving towards Campbell. I love to watch them together. At the same time it makes me so sad that they are growing up so fast because it is a simple reminder that live is just a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow.

I would like to challenge you to live you life as if you are going to die tomorrow. You never know what exactly tomorrow will hold, just be ready to face each day with Christ, knowing that He is the creator of that day and He is the one that causes the sun to rise every morning! A really wonderful Christian friend of mine told me once after my grand mother passed away that "The sun will rise tomorrow". No matter how bad your life seems, no matter how horrible you think you have screwed up you can always be certain that Christ loves you enough to give you another chance, to give you another outlook on life.

We love you!



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