Monday, November 15, 2010

Well guys, I recently had a problem with my camera and I've been out of commission for a while, I kept getting a "Lens Error, Restart Camera" message on my camera and it would automatically shut off on me. I was able to restart the camera and the error would clear... that is for about 9 months. I got the error again a couple of months ago at one of Hudson's doctor's appointments, but this time, the camera cut off but the lens would not retract. No matter what I tried, I could not get the camera lens to retract. After trying to find a fix online and trying to fix it myself (dumb mistake, haha), I stumbled upon This company works on Canon cameras ONLY. The customer support is very nice and respond very quickly. They always responded and made me feel like I was their only customer. Not to mention the cost of repair and shipping was less than the cost of most any cheap Point and Shoots you can't go wrong! The service is great and quick! This is one happy customer! I would recommend to anyone! So if you or anyone you know has a Canon camera that has any error, check out the site above and see if they can fix the error. God bless!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's been a while

It has been 3 entire months since I last updated.... WAY to long. I am FINALLY finished with yet another semester of college. Summer school and one semester to go!!! I am almost there. Since I last bloged I gained a new neice. She was born on March 27 at 6lbs. 9oz. and absoulutely PERFECT!!! Her name is Addyson Grace Williams. My brother and sister-in-law are so proud.(so am I). We went and came from our mission trip to Reunion Island. It was awesome, we were able to prayer walk everyday as well as do some of the Island things, like surf and sky dive. Overall, we had a really great time. I have become the President of KDE, which is Kappa Delta Epsilon, the National Honor Society for Education Majors at my school. Of this, I am proud. I never in a milllion years would have thought I would be in something of the sort. We are still living with Dusty's parents, still waiting on what we are going to be doing. I am still with Rachel, and loving it more each day than I did the day before. She is such an awesome person to be around. She is my life blood. I love her and our children!! :) Nothing else is really new, hope all is well with all of you! Know we love you!!

Becca and Dusty

Monday, February 2, 2009

Direction or Obedience?

Last week some friends came to my house for lunch and to simply hang out. In order for them to get to my house I gave them directions. I laid out the directions in such a way that I think a kindergartner would be able to get to my house... needless to say, after about 20 minutes from when they should have been at my house they called... Here is the conversation..

Katie ** Are we lost?
Me ** I don't know, where are you?
Katie ** The directions say take the exit and go right, then go straight at stop sign at Shell station.
Me** Ok, so where are you?
Katie ** Well at the shell station, we turned left.
Me** Well you need to turn around you are going the wrong way. You were supposed to go straight at the Shell station. How long have you been on that road?
Katie ** About 20 Minutes. We are turning around...

I say that to tell you that this is how we are sometimes when we are following Gods direction. Sometimes God gives us specific directions but yet we decide to take a different turn than what He has given us, which leads us on a path that will not lead us to where He is trying to get us. What we then must do is, stop, turn around (ask for forgiveness) and begin heading into the right direction. Like my friends we all have a choice to make, we either follow the directions and obey exactly what they say so we can end up where it is that God wants us or we can choose to disobey and end up elsewhere. I pray that you will listen to the directions whole-heartly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Davis and Campbell... a day in the mud!

I wanted to share some updated pictures of Davis and Campbell. So here they are! Enjoy!
Davis' first mud pie!!! This was so much fun! We had to do this while mom was away.. HA!

Gotta mix the dirt and mud together....

Adding the water...

My two angels playing in the tree house like thingy.

Campbell has loved swinging for a while, but now that she can walk if Davis isn't swinging she does not want to be swinging. She is all about keeping up with her big brother.

Now, those hands and feet are something to be proud of... This is when Rachel would be freaking out. I love it. We had the biggest time with getting dirty. ALL BOY!!

Hands and Feet of a CHAMP!!!! I have so much fun with both Davis and Campbell, and I suppose Rachel is great too. No, really Rachel is awesome. I love all three of them so much. Just wanted to share a day in our life with the rest of you!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Joys and Pains of life

Sometimes in life, it is like we are over looked. But be certain that God never over looks you. I say that because I needed to be reminded of that myself. I see so many people all around me getting what they want and some people getting some good things that they did not ask for. So why is it that a select few are left behind? It's called God's perfect timing. It is hard to sit back and let time tick right on by but that is what I am called to do right at this point. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a good time welcoming the New Year. I pray this year brings you more than you could ever ask for or imagine!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My life in the Faulkner Family

To say the least, I have become a member of the Faulkner Family. I am very
blessed to have this opportunity, not many people have the opportunity to know
Davis, Campbell, and Rachel, let alone be a active part of their everyday life.
This year has been full of exciting and sad moments in our "Faulkner Family". I
began sitting for Blair and Rachel when Davis was just a little baby, and have
been around all of sweet little Campbell's life. This year in itself has been a
year of bittersweetness. Other than being able to know Rachel and her two
beautiful babies. I knew Blair. I am so excited I can say that. You see Blair
loved his children, his wife, and most importantly God. One of the last
memories I have of Blair is from this past spring, just a few weeks before he
passed away, I was over babysitting the kids and Rachel went to a pilgrimage
here in Columbus. Campbell was so sick and Davis was not feeling well either.
Rachel said she would be home at 4:30... well needless to say, she did not make
it home by 4:30 and Blair arrived first. By the time he got home Campbell had
102 fever and Blair was freaking out. He didn't know what to do, and not being
able to get a hold of Rachel was not helping. He thought he should take baby
Campbell to the ER but unfortunately had no car seats (they were with Rachel).
After multiple times of trying to reach Rachel, Blair called the hospital to
see if maybe she had a wreck and was there, she wasn't. Then he was looking up
the number to the police when she peeped in. Boy, was he upset. I will never
forget him and his love, passion, and concern for his children and his
beautiful wife. Blair is greatly missed in our "Faulkner Family" and throughout
the world.
I say all that to say... My life here with Rachel is so amazing! I could not
ask for a better role model (other than Christ). She has lost two husbands and
is raising two beautiful children. Just this year, Blair passed away, Campbell
started crawling and even walking, Davis is potty trained (Praise God, this
helps so much), Davis turned 3 and Campbell turned 1, they went to Disney over
Thanksgiving, and Rachel has gotten to witness to so many men, women, and
children. Why? Because God is a great God and never fails to be who HE says HE
will be. Something Rachel told me about 2 weeks after loosing Blair has stuck
with me and I will never forget it... she said "I have a choice to make every
morning when I wake up, I can choose to Praise God for who He is and continue
living how He wants me to, or I can choose to sit in my sorrow and morn. I
simply choose to live for Christ."... I was blown away then when those words
first came out of her mouth and I am blown away every time I am reminded of
those words.

This year will be a year that I never forget. I have watched Davis and Campbell
grow up and continue to watch them grow. It is so hard to see how fast time
really flies. I can not believe that they are as old as they are, and that time
goes ever faster the longer I am alive. I can not express how much God has blessed me this past year and continues to bless me every minute I am alive by simply providing the air I breathe. I have felt the Saviors steadfast love for me and seen Him move in my life, and others around me. I will be forever appreciative for being able to share in the memory making of the Faulkner Family. I hold great pride knowing that I can help Davis and Campbell know how much their daddy loved them and continues to love them even though they can not see him. I take even greater pride in knowing I can help teach Christ love to both of them.

Rachel, if you read this post, please know I am so grateful for you and your two beautiful children. I love you all so much! I know that Blair is watching you from Heaven and is so proud of the way you are choosing Christ over sorrow. I know that he loved you more than himself and that he is enjoying his life with Christ "To live is Christ, but to die is gain". Blair sure has gained a lot, and through his life we have received a blessing. I love you Rach, and would be lost without you sharing your amazing life with me. You are such a sweet encourager and I appreciate everything you do for not only me, but Dusty and everyone around you.

Love, Becca

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Latest potery painted...

These are the newest pictures of things I have recently painted. I love each of them.



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