Sunday, January 4, 2009

Joys and Pains of life

Sometimes in life, it is like we are over looked. But be certain that God never over looks you. I say that because I needed to be reminded of that myself. I see so many people all around me getting what they want and some people getting some good things that they did not ask for. So why is it that a select few are left behind? It's called God's perfect timing. It is hard to sit back and let time tick right on by but that is what I am called to do right at this point. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a good time welcoming the New Year. I pray this year brings you more than you could ever ask for or imagine!!

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laurenkelly said...

Hey Mrs. Wise,
You know what I feel that way sometimes. But you know what-we are going to be the smart ones for waiting on God's timing-Not our own!!!
Glad to see I am not alone!!
Have a good week



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