Monday, February 2, 2009

Direction or Obedience?

Last week some friends came to my house for lunch and to simply hang out. In order for them to get to my house I gave them directions. I laid out the directions in such a way that I think a kindergartner would be able to get to my house... needless to say, after about 20 minutes from when they should have been at my house they called... Here is the conversation..

Katie ** Are we lost?
Me ** I don't know, where are you?
Katie ** The directions say take the exit and go right, then go straight at stop sign at Shell station.
Me** Ok, so where are you?
Katie ** Well at the shell station, we turned left.
Me** Well you need to turn around you are going the wrong way. You were supposed to go straight at the Shell station. How long have you been on that road?
Katie ** About 20 Minutes. We are turning around...

I say that to tell you that this is how we are sometimes when we are following Gods direction. Sometimes God gives us specific directions but yet we decide to take a different turn than what He has given us, which leads us on a path that will not lead us to where He is trying to get us. What we then must do is, stop, turn around (ask for forgiveness) and begin heading into the right direction. Like my friends we all have a choice to make, we either follow the directions and obey exactly what they say so we can end up where it is that God wants us or we can choose to disobey and end up elsewhere. I pray that you will listen to the directions whole-heartly.

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